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This form is to be completed by each intended adult occupier before any tenancy application is submitted.

A paper copy of this registration form can be provided on request by emailing or call us on 01772 823050. By submitting this form, you consent to future contact in order for us to process your requests in line with our privacy policy at and terms at

Please be aware that in most cases we expect to receive applications which meet both a good standard of credit worthiness and minimum income requirements, in order to satisfy affordability checks (usually equivalent to thirty-times the monthly rental, approximately 130x the weekly rental). If you are not confident that your combined application would meet these criteria, it would be advisable to not apply. If you wish to discuss your specific circumstances prior to the submission of this form then please feel free to call us on 01772 823050.

The Immigration Act 2014 means that all applicants need to demonstrate their Right to Rent in the UK -
Right to Rent checks are a legal requirement for anyone wishing to rent a property in the UK, whether a UK citizen, EU citizen, or other citizen from outside of the UK, EU or EEA member states. Passport/ID and Visa are required.
More information is available in this guide from the UK Government - click here to open the guide from


Last updated 31 May 2019

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